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Since the evolution of technology, there has never been a time that innovation has ceased. At one point or the other, a new technology is either invented or a former technology is modernized.
Technology is advancing at a very rapid rate, and gradually they are turning science fictions (Sci-Fi) into reality.
One of the technologies recently discovered during this advancement is the Beacon technology which is a product of mechanical progression.
Beacon technology was one of the numerous technologies that were previously a small fragment of creative energy; an imagination of many researchers. But over the years, Beacon had evolved into a technology that is universally transforming businesses.

Here, we will be looking at the evolution of Beacon technology and how it is changing businesses all over the world.

Best Shoes for Treadmill 2020 - Reviews & Buyers Guide

The shoes say about a person, just like their gestures. Each shoe has a different characteristic and needs to be chosen suiting the needs of the person buying it. Most of the people are mistaken when they use walking shoes for both walking, jogging and running. Runners need shoes that are not stiff and is flexible. One should know about oneself when choosing the right running shoes as runners are itself of different types according to different persons. Designers keep working to update running shoes with novel materials and the latest technology available in the field. A wide range of shies are available and one might find it a tiring and baffling task to find the right shoe without complete knowledge of all the terms in use in the industry. Finding the Perfect Treadmill Running Shoes that fits you is not easy. Find Best Treadmill Shoes on and we explained & Listed 10 Best Running Shoes for Treadmill in 2020

What RunnersMustLook for in Their Running Shoes

Runners need more cushioning, built-up heels, larger heel flare and flexible shoes.

  • Cushioning: The impact on a runner’s feet is way greater than that of a person walking. Cushioning should be appropriately provided to reduce the impact.
  • Built-up Heels: The runners’ feet touch the ground by different parts according to the person. Some hit their heels first while some use their front part of their feet when others use their midfoot. Built-up heels provide stability to the runners.
  • Heel Flare: Runners who strike the ground using midfoot need to have a larger heel flare shoe to get extra stability.
  • Flexibility: Runners have to sacrifice some of their flexibility for better motion and stability.

Classification of Running Shoes

  • Neutral and Stability: Classification is based on the height and elasticity of the runner’s foot. Runners with high arches prefer neutral (cushioned) shoes and those with low or flat arches would prefer stability shoes.
  • Low or Zero Drop shoes: Shoes with high heels should be preferred by those whose heels touch the ground first while low or zero drop shoes are to be preferred by those with a forefoot or midfoot running gait to prevent injury.
  • Minimal and Maximal shoes: Minimal shoes are those that make the runners feel that they are running barefoot. These shoes are lightweight and high in the heels. The use of these two types of shoes entirely depends on the running style of the person.
  • Trail running shoes and Road running shoes: As the name suggests the trail running shoes are best suited for harsh environment. Trail shoes have extra rubber or other material soles for extra grip on rocks, wet surfaces, etc. It has road plates that protect the foot from sharp protrusions on the ground, similar provisions for protecting toes are also provided. The upper layers are designed to be weather resistant.
  • Daily use shies and speedwork shoes: It is a habit of most runners to have two pairs of shoes. One that is a little heavier and bulkier and is used daily for running long distances. Other for short distance and high oace like that of a race day.

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